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TipTop Maine Andor
Born 17.10.2013

O: TipTop - placed to Satu Toivonen family
Andor 8 month old
Photos: Anna

Dam: Mabalakat Iced Diamond
Sire: FIFE CH, Summerfield´s Columbus

Andor 8 month old

Andor is 1st generation TipTop Maine Coon. Andor´s mother is imported to Finland from Mrs Lynnette Cannell, Mabalakat, England. Father is a handsome male Summerfield´s Columbus of Estate Pearls from Summerfield´s cattery, Norway. Owned by Tatiana Bogdanova and Uliana Belous from Estate Pearls, RU.

Andor has a very interesting outcross pedigree and she is going well together with all my boys. Time will tell is it Umbar, Thunder, Brumas or Mr X :-) who is going to have kittens with her.

Andor´s temperament is very calm, sweet and loving. She is very playfully and she loves very much her cat friends. She never sleeps alone - she rather stay as a pillow for her cat friends or use them as mattress :-)
She looks at the moment medium sized kitten. Her boning is strong and she has big paws- Her body is ending with long bushy tail.

Andor 6 month old

Shape of her head is excellent with a boxy muzzle and excellent strong, deep chin.
Her ears are big and well-placed. The shape of the ears are wide and open. Profile is excellent.

Her coat quality is wonderfully.

Health results:
MyPBC3-gene test neg/neg - both parents are negative
SMA neg/neg - both parents are negative
Baer tested
HCM/PKD screening - will be taken later 2015
HD - will be taken later 2015

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