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S*Acrobats Happy Hearth of TipTop

Born 10th February 2011


Happy 29.1.2012 (11 month old)
Photo: Susan Niiranen

Happy is coming from Acrobats Cattery from Sweden, Mrs Susanne Lagercranz.

I´m very happy that Susanne trusted me this special female.
This female has a great backround with fully tested cats behind.

Happy is a brown patched tabby with white.
Coat quality is excellent on her.

Happy is very curious and brave little female.
There is nothing shy on her. She is very easy going.
She lives with my friends family Mölsä and 3 children near me.
This is an excellent home for this active and open Maine Coon female.

She is well sized female. She has strong body and boning.
Happy has a sweet expression.
Her chin is strong and she has a gently curved profile.
Happy is very important and interesting cat in my breeding program!
Her total inbreeding is 8,78 % and clones 19,6 %.

Sire: S* Veleros Mazuelo, HCM screening 2009, 2010 normal
Dam: S* Acrobat´s Jet Set Lady, HCM screening 2009, 2010 normal


Health results:
HCM ultra - normal 12/2011 (first screening)
MyPBC3-gene test 1. neg/neg - both parents are negative (link to pedigree)
HD (hips) - Fair (OFA)



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