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Mabalakat Iced Diamond (spayed)

Born Aug 23, 2011
Placed to family Piritta Rantanen

Ice 2 years and 10 monthd old
Photo: Anna

Sire: TICA QGC Champion, Mabalakat Titus Pullo
Dam: GCCF IMPERIAL Grand Champion, TICA QGC, Spirritz Tartan Trembler

"IceWice" is coming from Mabalakat Cattery from Mrs Lynnette Cannell, England.

I have been following long time Mabalakat breeding work and
finally I have this beauty in my home! Thank you so much Lynnette !!

I love the expression on her, her boning, her strong legs and her size -
she really is a strong female. She has the body structure I want to see on a Maine Coon.
She has excellent profile and a strong chin.

Ice 2 years and 10 monthd old
Photo: Anna

Her ears are well sized with wonderfully strong lynx tips.
She has excellent quality on her coat and her unique colouring/markings are just making
her even more adorable - she has a diamond on her back!
I´m very proud and happy to have this Diamond :-)!

Ice 2 years and 10 monthd old
Photo: Anna

Ice has a very lovely and sweet temperament. She is very playfully cutie. You can find many toys from your bed in the morning:-) She also makes it fun for other cats - she runs around from room to room with rope in her mounth and the ball in the other end and whole gang is hunting it:-) Noicy but fun !:-) She talk a lot and she is fastest cat ever :-) She loves FB and always sitting on my laps when updating it - even now she is here when writing this. She is very kind and very sweet and would be a dream cat for any family with kids. She just love to run together with children and loves to ask them to run with her.

Ice 1 year old
Photo: Susan Niiranen

You can find more photos on her from photo gallery.

Health results:
MyPBC3-gene test neg/neg - both parents are negative
SMA neg/neg

HD (hips) - Fair (OFA)
FeLV/FIV neg (8/2012)
HCM ultra - normal 7/2014
PKD - normal 7/2014

Shows 2012:

4.11. FIFE show in Helsinki, FI
Sunday: EX1 CAC, BIV- tot

18 - 19.2. FIFE show in Jyväskylä (Finland)
Saturday: EX1, BIV tot
Sunday: EX1

Shows 2011:

14.1.2011 FIFE show in Helsinki (Finland)
Saturday: EX1 kitten class 3 - 6 month)

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