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Updated 3.12.2017

**BEST Maine Coon Cat Breeder in Finland 2013**
**presentation in English**

**PARAS Maine Coon kasvattaja Suomessa 2013**
**esittely Suomeksi**

**Meilllä on pentuja**
**We have kittens available**

Our BIG Boys from 10 - 15 kg!
Meidän ISOT pojat 10 - 15 kg! VagaBond "Pikkis" on tv:stä tuttu :-)

The Big Boys


TipTop has been breeding Maine Coons since 1995 in FIFE and CFA The TipTop since 1998. TipTop cattery emphasizes health, sufficient genetic variation, character and size in its breeding.

Cats we use for breeding have the following tests done:
MyPBC3-gene test 1. and 2. plus ultrasound (hereditary heart condition)
PKD (kidneys)
HD (hips)
FeLV/FIV (feline leukemia/ feline HIV)
SMA (spinal muscular atrophy)
Blood group test
Microsporum canis - 3/2014 negative from all cats

Dr. Andrea Gladuli Veterinary Cardiologist checks TipTop breeding cats for HCM . They participates in the PawPed health programme.

For now, only a limited number of TipTop Maine Coons are sold with breeding rights.




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