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Breeding work with great passion and love for pure bred Maine Coons

TipTop has been breeding Maine Coons since 1995.

The breeding is based on a couple of own old blood lines and imported cats from accurately selected old catteries. I haven’t favored the European breeders, I trust on the breed’s home country, USA. This guarantees the factual information on what kind of type, health and temperament the cattery succeeds to breed. I endeavor to use wide genetic base in breeding and already existing own unique lines and combinations, but always line on the legendary cats on the background.

It’s important to me in my breeding work that I know the cat’s pedigree from very far. Many of my own cats originate often 7 to 9 generations of my own import cats and my own breeding work. This guarantees the best knowledge of the health of cats used for breeding. I cooperate with breeders around the world as well as placement families here in Finland. We are in contact almost every day. Conversation is open and friendships have lasted for 19 years. New partnerships are born all the time.

In breeding work I concentrate to cats wholeness rather than one feature. Cat must be harmonic so that everything fits with everything. Any dominant feature can often hide major type faults. For me rejections are: small size and weak bones, aggressiveness or obvious soreness, if the cat doesn’t meet the criteria of its breed (measured in shows) – health issues are not needed to raise up because it is obvious to breed only with healthy cats.

Cats that don’t get the result EX1 in shows are not used in TipTop breeding program.

TipTop cats are shown in catshows around the world with great results. For example, TipTop Maine Umi of Vespertine, PL.

The effort in TipTop Maine Coons is to maintain big size, strong boning and the ruggedness they bring. Extravagant dimensions in head structure are not characteristic for TipTop, rather the size of cats. Certain type features go hand by hand and it totally depends on breeder what type and structure one wishes to breed.  Also for this reason the kitten buyer should use time for visiting different breeders and find out what type of Maine Coon one is really looking for. The differences between breeders are really huge in all the issues above. I recommend to visit in one or two catshows and also visiting at the breeder is certainly worth the effort, because you are looking for a best possible four-legged friend for many years to come.

TipTop kittens are never sold to big breeders and I don’t personally have a large number of cats in my home. TipTop Maine Coons live as beloved pets and family members, some of them are placed in foster homes. In this way the number of cats doesn’t rise too high in one household and kittens as well as adult cats are having the necessary time and care. In foal dam and small kittens belong to a stress-free environment. Cats are not gregarious animals and they don’t like living in big groups. Maine Coon is highly intelligent, social and attaches strongly to human.  Maine Coon needs individual care and attention and should not be separated from humans or other animals of the family.

Anna Toivonen

+358 50 365 2026

TipTop is located in Vantaa (Pakkala), next to the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. It is a 5 min drive from the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport to us.


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