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IT* Felix Coon Revenge of The TipTop (neutered 7/2014)
Born 12.2.2010

Revenge 4 years old
Revenge 4 years old
Photos: Anna

Dam: FIFE IC, Maine Carissima av Persicum, JW
Sire: FIFE EC, Csàks Coon Timo, JW, DSM, DVM
Br: Corinna Polin

Revenge 4 years old

Revenge is from very old lines. His mother is from Persicum Cattery, Norway and father from Csáks Cattery, Hungary.

Revenge was bought to TipTop breeding program beginning of 2014. Revenge´s first day of the rest of his life began when he arrived to Finland.

Special thanks to Lumimyrskyn who was helping us the first 6 weeks.

I love the old pedigree behind him and I could not be more satisfied with a studmale like him. He represents the type I preefer in my breeding program.

Revenge is breathtaking and very charismatic cat. He makes your hearth stop when he looks at you the very first time and after that you are in love. He simply has it all! His temperament is SUPER!

He is well sized male (8,6 kg) with medium long but strong body. His boning is excellent and his legs are very strong and big paws.

Shape of his head is excellent. His chin is very strong and deep. His profile is perfect and his muzle! No extra words needed. He has it all in his head type.

He is looking at you and it´s difficult to get your eyes of on him :-)

Revenge is neutered now sadly earlier than I planned. He lives now with his new family Hipari-Rantala as beloved family member. His sons TipTop Maine Cicero and Caesar will continue as outcross males in TipTop show/breeding program as well as Beorn from B-litter.

Health results:
MyPBC3-gene test neg/neg
SMA neg/neg
Felv/FIV neg/neg 2/2014
Microsporum canis neg 2/2014 and 3/2014



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