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FIFE CH, TipTop Maine Rowtag
Born: 29.10.2010

O: Sari Vepsäläinen

Rowtag 10 months old

TipTop Maine Rowtag is from first litter from GC, Tropikoons Little Thunder.
He is full brother to TipTop Maine Sasa. He is owned and shown by his owner Sari Vepsäläinen.
I´m very greatefully to his owner that they finded anyway interesting to show him:-)
This family wanted to have a cute pet and no showing:-))

Rowtag is a silvertabby with white.
He has lots of coat like his mother FIFE & CFA CH, TipTop Maine Onida.
His tail is well furnished and long!!
He is medium sized and weights 8 kg at 1 year and 3 months old.
His body is long and strong. He has broad chest and shoulders.
His boning is medium strong when compering to his father:-)
but otherwise we could say strong !:-).
He is very well-balanced with lovely head with slight curved profile, chin is ok.
His ears are medium sized and open with small lynx tips.

Sire: CFA GC, Tropikoons Little Thunder
Dam: FIFE CH & CFA CH, TipTop Maine Onida


Following test is taken:

HCM ultra - normal 3/2012
PKD - normal 3/2012
FeLV/FIV - neg/neg 10/2011
MyPBC3-gene test - neg/neg (both parents are negative)
Blood group
HD (hips) - Fair (OFA)


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