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CFA Champion, FIFE Champion, Thecathut Thunderbird of The TipTop
Born 19 Jul 2011

Indy 1 Year old


Thecathut Thunderbird of The TipTop is coming from
very long term breeder in Ohio, US Mrs Geraldine & Odell Berry - Thecathut Maine Coon

I lost my heart to this boy when picking up
my female Thecathut Sensation from Gerrie and Odell.
It was love in first look and I think it was same with "Indy".
This was first time when this happened to me when
I choose a cat to breeding program.
There for it was very hard for me to keep the promise
to his family here in Finland that they can have him in their home.
In the first hand I always try to think what is best for my
cats and this is the best way to keep males in homes
where they are not surrounded with lots of females.

"Indy" is living with Tuire Toivonen family and he lives as a beloved family member.

"Indy" got his nick name because of his speed -
he is not the easiest one for photos:-) and I mean with good way.
He is very open, brave, playfully and friendly. I love his temperament!

He is a browntabby with low white.
He has lots of coat and looking forward to see when he is in full coat!
His body is medium long and incredible strong.
He has very broad chest and shoulders!
His boning is very strong and his paws are huge.
He is very well-balanced with lovely head with
excellent curved profile, chin is strong.
His ears are big and open with lynx tips.

Sire: GC, Thecathut Jeremiah
Dam: Peggy Sue of Thecathut


Health results:

Microsporum - negative 12/2011
HCM ultra - normal 10/2012 (first screening)
PKD - normal 10/2012
FeLV/FIV neg 10/2012
MyPBC3-gene test 1- neg/neg
SMA neg/neg
HD (hips) - Good (OFA)

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Shows 2012

FIFE show in Helsinki 12.8.
Sunday: EX1 CAC - become to FIFE Champion

FIFE show in Espoo 28.7.
Saturday: EX1 CAC (open clas)

CFA show in Helsinki 14. - 15.7.
"Indy" become to CFA Champion

FIFE show in Hyvinkää 9.6.
Saturday: EX1 CAC (open class)

FIFE show in Helsinki 28. - 29.4.
Sunday: EX1 (kitten class 6 - 10 month)
Saturday: EX1 (kitten class 6 - 10 month)

FIFE show in Kirkkonummi 4.3.
Sunday: EX1 (kitten class 6 - 10 month)


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