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TipTop Maine Voque
Born 22.4.2012

Voque 1 year and 2 monts old
Photo: Anna

Sire: CFA Grand Champion, FIFE IC, Tropikoons Little Thunder
Dam: Thecathut Sensation of The TipTop


TipTop Maine Voque is 1st generation TipTop Maine Coon.

Voques both parents are imported to Finland - father is from Mrs Stephanie Boulter, Tropikoons cattery, Florida, US and her mother comes from Mrs Geraldine and Mr Odell Berry, Ohio, US

Voque 14 month old
Voque 1 year and 2 months old
Photo: Anna

Voque is very much like her mother Thecathut Sensation of The TipTop. She has the most wonderfully warm colouring and her temperament is so kind and friendly. Both parents has a fantastic coat quality and so does Voque.

Voque 1 year and 2 months old

The size on V-litter is a amazing. No wonder since from both sides - fathers and mothers - we can find HUGE cats even up till 12 kg = 22,4 lbs. Voque was already at 5 months old 4kg = 8,8lbs what is a great size for such a young female.
Voque has a long body ending with extra long tail ! Her body and boning is strong.

Voques has a lovely expression. Her ears are medium sized, open and well placed. Her profile has nice curve and chin is ok.

Health results:
MyPBC3-gene test neg/neg - both parents are negative
SMA neg/neg - both parents are negative

Shows 2012:

3. - 4.11. FIFE show Helsinki, FI
Saturday: EX1
Sunday: EX1

6 - 7.10. FIFE show Kirkkonummi, FI
Saturday: EX1
Sunday: EX1, BIV

26.8. FIFE show Vantaa, FI
Sunday: EX1

28 - 29.7. FIFE show in Espoo
Saturday: EX1
Sunday: EX1


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