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CFA Champion, TipTop Maine Xantophilo
Born 24.1.2013

Xanto 6,5 month old
Xanto is having a fantastic boning! He is well sized male for his age. I love his expression and the real male look!

HIs tail is long and well furnished...

He has a gentle curved clean profile and strong chin.

His colour is extreamly warm and super tabby markings!

Baby Xantophilo

Owner: Marika & Patrick Granlund

Shows 2013

FIFE show in Turku 23.11.
Saturday: EX2

FIFE show in Vantaa 24.8.
Saturday: EX1

CFA show in Helsinki 17. - 18.8.
Best Maine Coon kitten & 5th Best AB kitten!

FIFE show in Helsinki 27.7.
Saturday: EX1

FIFE show in Tampere 25. - 26.5.
Sunday (Maine Coon Special): EX1, BIV, NOM to BIS (kittens 3 - 6 month)
Saturday: EX1

FIFE show Vaasa 11. - 12.5.
Sunday: EX1, BIV NOM to BIS (kittens 3 - 6 month)
Saturday: EX1
, BIV, NOM to BIS (kittens 3 - 6 month)

FIFE show in Tallinn, EE 4. - 5.5.
Sunday: EX1 (kittens 3 - 6 month)
Saturday: EX1 (kittens 3 - 6 month)



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